Thursday, February 16, 2012

just a little taller, please

So, after Christmas, you see,  I was putting out new vignettes to replace the old ones from before Christmas. Tim had mentioned that he thought we should get out the tabletop fountain again so this vignette had to suit the bowling ball gazing stone and the fountain (there are after all, only a few places where I feel these will be safe and not fall and brain someone or douse them). I pulled it altogether but felt that my faux red mercury glass needed to be just a bit taller to balance it all out. So I boosted it with an unopened can of Hormel Chicken. It was a good height and so for about a month it stood on the can of chicken.

Finally, I got around to decorating an empty can to make a little decorative stand. The possibilities for a mini-stand are endless, don't you think?

How about this old bell (which has a gorgeous tone, btw).

Or Tim's gemstone globe?

Or K's nesting dolls?

Or a silver cat, who holds rings on his tail?

Or a dancing solar flower?

I might make more of these!! :)


  1. Clever can use! ☺ Hmm...I need to go raid my pantry. Happy Thursday!

    PS...Hope you're over your cold and feel better very soon. ☺

  2. The cat is my favorite. Do you find that your fountain over sprays at all?

  3. Ingenious as usual! That can seems to be just the right size for any number of things!

  4. Height is a consideration I never considered until I started blogging. I like the globe on your lift. My stand by lift is books, cause I have them everywhere.

  5. Very clever girl! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Yes! Make more! Everything looks better on a stand.

  7. You clever girl you! Awesome idea!

  8. The mini stand - what a great and cute idea, it would be lovely to see a whole group decorated slightly differently but complimenting each other, with a random collection of important objects perched atop (like those in your photos!).. and I love your tabletop fountain!