Wednesday, February 29, 2012

embroidery - past and present

I haven't spent much time embroidering in the past week and a half or so. :(

When I was gathering photos for the assignment I posted earlier this week, I ran across some pre-blog embroidery.

I embroidered this up as a wall-hanging for a good friend of mine nearly seven years ago.

Here is C sitting in front of it to give you a sense of scale - it was rather large.

I made these tea towels up and apparently gave them to someone but I have no idea who.

Ditto for these tea towels. :)

I made this bib for my sister B in celebration of her first daughter. I used a gargoyle from a Dover pattern book and added the drool and the little quote. I made the bib out of one of those water proof spit mats or changing mats. It actually embroidered really nicely.

A skirt I made for K that I still adore.

I embroidered the bird and blossom on pillowcases as an anniversary gift for my parents one year. I love them and consider them some of my best work.


  1. Love it all but the suns and the drool monster are my favorites. Maybe I shall be brave and show mine one day but I have been brave enough this week. Your comment today was absolutely hands down the very best my friend and you are so right-He is good.

  2. Your deer is coming along beautifully!! such a wonderful collection (sigh), that drool monster is adorable.

  3. I think the skirt is my favorite too. My daughter is starting to learn fun.

  4. Wow you've done a lot of embroidery in your day Melissa! The bottom bird and blossom are SO lovely. I need to do some embroidery again soon. I enjoy it too.

    Your latest project is really progressing well!

  5. They are all beautiful! The bird and blossom are excellent!

  6. They all are gorgeous! I used to embroider when I was younger. Your bird and blossoms are amazing!

  7. Ooh, sweet! Love the dear and Bambi! Hugs and blessings, Cindy