Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a blast from the past

I was very proud of my restraint when I went to Mexico (I did not have a Kindle at the time (but I do have one now, a Dr friend got the latest from her husband at Christmas and gave me - yes you read that right - gave me her old one)). I only brought one book with me to Mexico - The Complete Sherlock Holmes - granted that book weighed 3.3 pounds but it was only one book. Fortunately, the nifty place mat bag that my Mom made me held the book as if it were custom made for it.

I tucked one of my favorite bookmarks in it and picked up where I had left off (last year I had read The Study in Scarlett for myself and The Hound of the Baskervilles for book club). As you can see, I am nearing the end (we've started watching the BBC's Jeremy Brett series of Sherlock Holmes on Netflix and are thoroughly enjoying it).

On Saturday morning, I was reading it while I ate my oatmeal when I noticed something poking up from one of the pages a little further into the book. When I pulled it out, I had to laugh out loud.

Can you read it? It is one ticket to Back to the Future 3 from May 1990. This is my husband's book and it is a ticket from when he was young (say twenty). What makes it particularly funny to me is that we had just been talking about the Back to the Future movies.

We enjoy watching Top Gear (the wonderful BBC version with Jeremy Clarkson). No, we are neither of us gear heads but honestly those guys are very, very funny. We have on occasion watched the American version but it isn't funny. However, just two nights before I found the ticket, I was embroidering and Tim was flipping channels and stopped for a bit on the American Top Gear. Their stunt for that show was to find cars (resembling - not the real deal) from popular old shows and movies and race them. They raced Knight Rider, the General Lee, and the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

(For those who might be curious, they found a model Trans am that was one year newer than the model used on Knight Rider, I don't remember what they did for the Charger (my brother once explained to me how Chargers from the model year of the General Lee were extremely hard to find because they trashed so many of them making The Dukes of Hazard. What is interesting about that statistic is that one of the guys I grew up with had one - which my brother drooled over) and I think Tim said they used a Pontiac for the DeLorean, which makes sense, since I just read that John DeLorean was a designer for Pontiac).

Tim told me that for the a little over thirty grand, you can have a 'new' DeLorean built from the parts that were in the warehouse when DeLorean was arrested for drug trafficking and the company went bankrupt.

I hope I didn't bore you with these funny little thoughts and anecdotes.

Do you remember my nephew K who had the heart problems when he was born? He turned three yesterday and we spent some time with him and his parents to celebrate. You can see more of our visit on my other blog.


  1. Funny how a simple thing can lead to so much more. It's wonderful to see your nephew doing so well.

  2. Really nice to hear about your nephew.

    That's hilarious. Lo and I had a conversation just the other day about Knight Rider and Kit the talking car and about how Kit was a much better character than AirWolf (the helicopter). And that Knight Rider was actually a pretty entertaining show. See? We talk about those silly things too. :)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Too funny about the ticket when you were just talking about BTTF! I not much into cars (no brothers, lol)but those cars were all masterpieces! Beautiful photos of the aquarium!

  4. sometimes the best timecapsules are the ones we didn't plan! thank you for taking me down memory lane. I was a fan of the Dukes of Hazard!
    I am so glad your nephew is doing so well, what a celebration of life.

  5. Beautiful photos. I still watch old repeats of Knight Rider!! Love this show, and I wish I had a KIT car. Great news on your nephew :)

  6. Oh you know how I love Sherlock. My granddad has my complete collection at the moment. It's rather heavy to handle. For books like that a Kindle would be useful!

    Glad to hear Top Gear is a winner. I love Clarkson, Captain Slow and the Hamster. They're so funny.