Friday, December 09, 2011

boxing season, round iii (a visit to middle earth)

I've made more boxes featuring the animated "The Hobbit" movie book. This box is huge. My MIL is forever buying the girls American Girl Doll accessories and something big came in this box. I don't remember what but it was big and it came in a great box.

The tunnel to Smaug's cave.

A hobbit and his hole.

The lonely mountain.

Finding the ring.

Bonus points to anyone who might guess why I put butterfly tulle on a Hobbit box.

K is absolutely smitten with the box making process and loves The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (both girls have listened to both books and have watched the animated movie - it will be awhile before I feel they are ready for Jackson's version).

She asked if she could decorate her own box. She picked this image of Gandalf. She did all the cutting and gluing herself. She used glitter glue for "magic."


  1. you're on a boxy roll (is that even possible?....)!!!

  2. I love that K jumped in with her own! My brain is much...what does the tulle signify?

  3. This one has to be my favorite! K did a wonderful job on her box, too!

  4. Bilbo saw butterflies when he poked his head out of the top of the forest. Otherwise I can't remember where butterflies come in. These boxes are wonderful. I started my kids with the audio version of The Hobbit too.

  5. Ooh, do the butterflies on the tulle represent the pretty smoke-shapes that Gandalf blows as he smokes his pipe? I seem to remember there being butterflies.

    I love these boxes---I used to watch the animated Hobbit all the time as a kid (in addition to reading the book aloud with my mom), so these tickle me pink in a nostalgia-love way, and your collaging is beautiful. I love the way you've combined the images and fabric textures.

  6. Very cute boxes- again!