Sunday, October 02, 2011

a trip to the renaissance (insanely long photo essay)

On Friday morning, I fixed the girl's hair up so that they wouldn't ask to stop at a braiding booth.

Then we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

We got there just in time to find a booth and get some lunch. I am so glad they had pizza back then!!

One of the local fairies admired K's hair.

The girls were fascinated by glasswork. K loved watching this man create lampwork sculptures. Do you see K in the reflections below?

The girls in one of the features - a garden arbor. One of the hen's in the petting zoo didn't seem to care for all the noise.

We made it a point to watch one of our favorite shows. We visited the Baker's Stage and watched The Danger Committee perform.

For those who are as geeky as I, doesn't he look a bit like Peter Wingfield who played Methos in Highlander (and the Sin Eater in the Last Sin Eater?)

The Festival is always a fabulous place to take photos, although it is very challenging because there are many trees and booths, one (if your are a nerd like me and only take photos using your manual settings) must be alert and constantly change the settings on the camera. Just the same, it is fun. I've been playing with backlight lately and have had some great pictures. The one below is a favorite.

Later, after The Danger Committee, we attended a quintain, a competitive jousting event where riders execute feats of skill rather than compete against each other in hand-to-hand combat.

Then the girls tried their hands at jousting. K was unable to obtain the ring from the knight who was her opponent but C successfully retrieved the ring from her dragon.

The girls rode a giant swing. The man who ran the ride told some 'corny' jokes as he helped the girls down from the ride. I liked "How do you make a tissue dance?" - "You put a little boogie in it." :)

He apparently reads his Bazooka Bubble Gum wrappers. ;)

The girls tried out some tuffets.

Both of the girls were absolutely enthralled by the glass blowers.

We visited weapons shops. At a different shop, C asked some very intelligent questions about the design of swords and about what a purpose a pommel serves. We were thrilled to find a shop where some of the swords were hand-made using the Japanese art of metal folding.

As the day came to an end, we found a hobbit hole!!

And we got to explore an enchanted wood.

Can't you just about see Mole's friend Rat slip out his front door and go for a swim?

Fare Ye Well!!


  1. What a lovely day! It looks like a nice Ren. Faire.

  2. Looks like a lovely day and a nice Ren. Faire.

  3. It looks like a very fun day! You guys have a way better Renaissance Festival than we do! Awesome Pictures! :)


    P.S. That's too funny about the calendar bag! I think great minds DO think a like! :)

  4. Great pictures!

  5. Oh, I would so love to go to a festival like this with my daughters. What memories. I have heard about this festival, but I have never seen any photos. Beautiful photo essay.

    PS I also love that you braided their hair in advance so you didn't have to stop at a braiding booth.

  6. OMG! What a fun time! Amazing photos, love the girls hair too. Wish we were near one like kind of day.