Monday, October 31, 2011

a quiet weekend

On Saturday morning, I worked on the photos from the shoot I had on Friday. And in the afternoon, we went out and did yard work. While Tim and I did yard work, the girls emptied out their pumpkins and drew sketches of what they wanted Dad to carve. I think Tim did a great job.

C took sewing lessons during the summer but I have not done a good job of recording her work. She has made a pillow case, a table runner, and chenille heart where she made all the seams for the chenille stripes. This week, she made a bib for a friend from church who recently had a baby.

This is a simple bib using half a hand towel and half a bandana. When she was cutting she nicked the bandana so we added a patch with a button.

K made this card for Lydia. It is from Robert He has a bunch of tutorials for simple pop-ups. We've made a couple of them.

I let the girls use one of the gift boxes I make to give the gift in. We gave it to Lydia Sunday morning. She seemed quite pleased. 

For church, I braided C's hair in a French Braid where you only add hair to one side of the braid (of course you really can't see it here but I like this photo).

For K, I made this 'net' of hair. I know I've seen it on people but I actually got the idea and figured it out by looking at a horse's mane when we were at the Renaissance Festival.


  1. It's so fun to see your girls hone their skills.

  2. That net of hair could not be prettier.

  3. You craft hair, too? Both are adorable!