Wednesday, October 26, 2011

little red riding hood tames the wolf - last minute costumes

The girls plan to attend our church's Pumpkin Patch Party next Monday but they were invited to wear costumes to Kid's Club tonight. I didn't think C's costume would hold up to two wearings so this is what we came up with.

What I didn't make very apparent in these photos is that Red has the wolf on a leash made of twine.

I forgot how good pigtail braids look on C.

K is a vicious wolf.

She even carries Granny's flowers for Red.

Now I realize that not everyone just happens to have a lovely red wool cape (I'm odd that way) or a picnic blanket complete with ants, or doggie ears...but if you have all those items - this was quick and easy to pull together and I think very fun and winsome.


  1. so cute! This is a really funny idea. Love it! :)

    If Work Permits

  2. I love the cape. The costumes are wonderful.

  3. Wonderful costumes, love the touch of the flowers -perfect.

  4. Agreed! I love the wool cloak. I think a tame wolfy is a great idea. :)

  5. The costumes are awesome! I adore homemade costumes--I nearly always put mine together as a kid.

  6. Adorable costumes and so creative, Melissa! Thanks for sharing.

    PS...I LOVE the red cape. I don't have one, but now I want one. ☺

  7. Very cute! :) I miss dressing my daughter for Halloween. She's 25 now and still takes every opportunity to play dress up! :)


    P.S. LOVE your pillows below!

  8. The girls' costumes are incredible! Love them both :) Melissa, I did a blog post featuring your beautiful batik pillows today:
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  9. Everyone should have such a cape. It's awesome (and very useful in a pinch)!

  10. Ok this is going to sound like the weirdest, most random thing ever. I don't even know if the person who made this blog will see this since this picture is from 2011. But here goes nothing... I have been searching the far ends of the Earth for this cape! I googled "red wool cape with embroidery" to try and see if anyone happened to have a picture of it up, and there yours was! You see, my mother had gotten me this exact same cape for Christmas YEARS ago and it was one of my most treasured posessions. I wore it constantly and really loved it. During this time my family was having issues, and I ended up living with my not so nice father at one point. Lets just say I didn't stay in his house long, but during that time he threw out a lot of my belongings. I never did find my beloved cloak, and I know that's what happened to it. Anyway, I have been scouring ebay and anywhere else to try and find a replacement. I know my mother had bought mine from a magazine but I don't remember the name. Do you know what the tag on the cloak says? You wouldn't want to sell it would you? Any help would be VERY appreciated. My email is WHOYEAH at aol dot com. Thank you!!!