Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sharp eyes

Yesterday, the girls noticed this guy sitting on our front screen. He is a quite large moth - about an inch and a half wide. His underside shows a bit of orange, which flashed brightly when he flew. His topside, however...

was designed to help him blend in with tree bark (I converted it to black and white because I think the detail is clearer - he was in shades of tan, grey, and charcoal).

When he flew, he was very noisy. You could hear his wings beating with almost a humming noise. He wasn't at all quiet and airy like say...a butterfly.


  1. nice camo, little moth.

  2. He's gorgeous, Melissa! I bet the girls enjoyed studying him. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday! ☺

  3. But just as beautiful in his own way!

  4. Wow, God makes the most amazing creatures.

  5. He's gorgeous! Great shots!

  6. love the photo through the screen. Something like this just changes one's day non? Makes you stop and sink.
    You take beautiful photos of insects, I would love if you would share what lens you used.