Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunday and Monday

Yesterday, we went to the wave pool again so I didn't bring my camera. On Sunday, after church, we released two monarch butterflies (we've release four monarchs and one swallowtail this year) and we took naps.

On Monday we went to MOA it seems that my in-laws cannot visit without going there. We seldom go there.

Grammy wanted to take the girls to the American Girl Store Bistro.

Naturally, the kids wanted to ride the rides in the park.

The Chinese Tourism Council was giving away a free trip for a family of four to China. They also had a series of performances scheduled throughout the day.

We watched some Shaolin Kung-fu

A fashion show...

And Chinese dance...

Honestly, the whole thing was a bit cheesy, but the kids enjoyed it and it gave us a place to sit and take a break when we waited for other members of our party.

K had herself a dog made at the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Four days to go and Grampy, Grammy, and A will fly back to California. Then we can return to the sweetness of routine life and start school.


  1. Looks like you've been having a wonderful time. It's also nice to get into a routine. :)

  2. That photo of K and the dog is so sweet. The joy on her face is beautiful!

  3. How sweet. I love the black and white photos and hearing about your visit. Lovely! Lisa~

  4. How neat to release the butterflys! Looks like the kids are having a ball with Grammy and Grampy!! Great way to end the Summer and spend the last days before school starts

  5. Now I want an AG doll so I can get it that hat!

  6. Beautiful photos! We have been watching the monarch migration in these parts. I can't believe your children could hold them, oh the wonder!

  7. My girls love build-a-bear, lol.

    Your photos as ever are fantastic.