Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Long Walk (in more ways than one)

Saturday, while C was out with her friend. K and I went for a walk. It took a long time and by the end it felt very long.

We walked the half a mile to our favorite bridge. K dragged these long branches with her to throw over the bridge.

Overboard!! Then we ran to the rapids a short way down to watch the sticks go over them.

Then K gets in trouble.

Then we throw sticks into a pond and then fish them out when the pond's property owner tells us that they just cleaned the pond out.

K slipped into the pond so had to walk the rest of the way home with a very wet muddy shoe.

But...I am still glad that I went on the walk.

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  1. Oh no, I figured someone was watching!

  2. Love the photo essay. Sometimes we need long walks.

  3. Aww...that tear on her face I just want to wipe off! I love the picture of her dragging the big branches, cool shot!

  4. I am glad you did too.

  5. Oh poor thing... what kind of sour-puss gives a little girl heck for throwing a couple branches in the water? wow! holy mackerel! she didn't know! she was experimenting!

  6. You are a brilliant photographer, and even though I've said this many times, I'll say it again, your girls are beautiful :-) And so cute! I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. Its been too long since I went on a nice long walk.

    thank you so much for linking up with Small Treasure Tuesdays!

  7. Beautiful, real life :)

  8. Those pictures are brilliant. Thanks for sharing

  9. Love this Melissa!