Wednesday, March 30, 2011

paintings, egg carton flowers, and American Girl doll clothes

Last week when we were using felt for another project the girls decided to cut out felt to make accessories for their dolls. C made both aprons and K made the hat.

I was very proud of C she improved tremendously between the two aprons.

Details of K's stitching as the hat progressed her stitches got bigger but still I think she did great for six.

my example for the kids

I did these paintings with the entire class. They are based on this post by that artist woman. While the kids painted I told them to let me know what type of animal they wanted in their painting and I would take care of it for them. I  googled silhouettes and cut them out for the kids and they glued them to their paintings.

C's painting

K's painting

Sample wreath I made for the class
This was a bonus craft for the classroom and not a take-home. I let the kids paint what flowers they wanted but they had to paint all their flowers the same color.

I glued the flowers onto a picture matte that I painted green. I added pom-poms for the centers. Then K painted a butterfly and I helped her to assemble it.

The butterfly is made of tp rolls glued onto tissue paper.


  1. I have been looking for this post ever since you told me about it. Wow, those are some beautiful pictures!! I love the stiches and wreaths, too. You guys are so creative!!

  2. I think these are all amazing crafts! so cute...

  3. You've got some great ideas here! I love the egg carton flowers especially.

  4. They both did great jobs!! The little lines of stitches are so straight! Love the egg crate crafts too. I always loved doing crafts with my kids and my daycare kids.
    Have fun!

  5. Hello all,

    These are beautiful dolls and their clothes! They are looking so pretty with the matching dresses. It definitely brings the smile to their sweet faces. Thanks for sharing with us...

    American Girl Doll Clothes

  6. Your girls did great on their felt projects, love what they made. The paintings are cool and the flower frame is really pretty!