Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Boxed In

Yep...Melissa is at it again making more of her everlasting boxes. This is a box from one of K's many ZhuZhu Pets (an accessory). It also features the last two pages of a Currier and Ive's Calender I've been using (don't worry - I have more C&I Calenders and I have a book of C&I prints from a library discard my sister gave me - plus I am sure my Mom could give me another calender if I asked).

I am starting to run out of pages in this particular map book. It will be a sad day when I do. I really, like the colors of the maps in it.

Juice can gift tag. The image is from the C&I print book that I mentioned earlier.

Making boxes is extremely relaxing and therapeutic for me. I am working on two different series of boxes. If you can guess what one of the series is about (and I am positive you can) I will make a drawing for those who guess right and give away some boxes.


  1. It's beautiful! Love that you can look at it again and again, and see something new each time.

    PS...not enough coffee yet to process and take a guess. I'll be back after the caffeine kicks in this AM. Happy Wednesday! :o)

  2. So much prettier! I love seeing things find a new life in your capable hands.

  3. Very pretty, those Currier and Ive images are very distinctive and nostalgic.. they wouldn't happen to be the subject of one of your box series would they?!

  4. You're boxes are always amazing and these boxes are no different! Love them!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the way you assemble them into works of beauty.
    hmmm, could it be Courier and Ives?

  6. Gorgeous boxes Ÿ