Wednesday, December 08, 2010

picture jar display project for kids (great grandparent's gift)

Here is the latest craft I did with the homeschool group. We made 'Cute as a Button' picture memory jars.

These are a variation on a button memory jar I did back in January, which you can see here. I made labels and a circle template that read "Cute as a Button" for the kids to cut out, decorate, and glue on the lid.

This was a very easy project to do with a group. I loved how all the jars looked standing in a row waiting for the kids to take them home.

Kicks and Jollies

My youngest, K, loves music boxes. Earlier this year, she found this little girl that plays Edelweiss for a couple of dollars at the thrift store. 

This music box has a particularly nice sound. She loves to play it and sing Edelweiss along with the box.  


The trees that you see in the background are the ribbon trees that the girls and I made together.

Here is a Santa Mouse music box she picked up a couple of years ago. I don't recall what he plays since she likes to turn both on at the same time!!


  1. What a fantastic idea and keepsake! You're right, grandparents would love this.

  2. The Sound of Music is a family favorite in our house. Edelweiss is my favorite song.

  3. Those photo jars are too cute, great idea. I am envious of your button stash, you seem to use them in lots of your projects. My stash is getting smaller and smaller.

  4. Those jars really are 'cute as a button'! I might just have to borrow the idea - I love them!

    And my Cyan loves music boxes too :)