Monday, September 13, 2010

Betsy Ross Mob Caps

Last Thursday, I made Betsy Ross Mob Caps with the girls and George Washington Admiral Hats with the boys.The Admiral Hats were easy to make, however, I don't have any pictures of those to share but I will try to do them at home with the girls some time and share them with you then.

The Mob Caps are easy to make, unfortunately, I deleted the pictures to go with the tutorial. Here, in words, is what you need to do.

Cut a 24" circle out of a fabric that doesn't fray easily (cotton knits are too flimsy, this is actually left-over material from some curtains I made that has been hanging around in my stash for three or four years). If you choose a material that frays, you will either need to hem it or apply fray bond to the edges.

Three inches in from the outer edge, cut slits every two inches.

Cut a length of ribbon 18"-24" long. Pin a safety pin on each end.

When the children sew their mob caps, pin one end of the ribbon by their entrance hole. Have the kids use the free safety pin like a needle and sew around the inner circle using gigantic up and down stitches (watch them as it is easy for them to wrap the ribbon around the edge of the cap).

The cap will bunch up as they sew it.

Place the cap on their head (these caps should sit on the back of their heads, but I had had children who insisted on wearing it like a baseball cap and they couldn't see anything but the ground) and tie the ribbon to fit. Arrange the gathering for best effect and you are done.

I'll be sharing these at:
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  1. Melissa...these are fabulous! What a fun project. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! :o)
    Larri at Seams Inspired

  2. Cuter than cute! Even I could sew this, although prob. not as well as the girls did. Great project!

  3. cute project! the hats look great

    I have to say, that picture freaked me out at first, with their faces blurred. LoL

  4. Those hats are darling and how fun for all of them! Thanks for your nice comments! Did you vote so you can be in on the winning of $50!! Go here if you didn't

  5. Great blog. just found it through links. if you ever need new recipes come on over to our site.. plus there is also a give away going on now and let s be honest who doesn't love free stuff.. i know if do :)

  6. These are fun! You and your hats! I bet Cyan would like to make one and wear it for dressing up!

  7. These are darling! I wish my mom would have made these for me when I was little! :)


  8. The hats are so cute. I'll bet the girls had fun wearing them, too!

  9. What a fun project, that is a great way to make a history lesson "come alive".

  10. How cute those are, the girls look like they enjoyed wearing them too.

  11. How cute and fun! What a great project to do with the kids! I can't wait to see the admiral hats!

  12. Wow! The girls and I sew quick costumes all the time and this looks so easy. They love the look so we'll be trying it soon, I'm sure.