Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Toothgaurd Dental Instruments recently sent me a sample of their product the BrytonPick to test and review. Before I tell you how my husband and I feel about the pick, let me share some of the facts that they sent to me in a letter with the test products.

  • ADA statistics show only 12% of the population flosses regularly. According to the notes from BrytonPick it is because floss is not convenient or easy to use. The letter goes on to say that “As not many products are reusable or comfortable to carry, people often use dangerous improvised tools lik; a pen cap, paperclip, staple, fingernail, edge of paper or worse!”

I have to confess, I often flatten a straw when I am at restaurants trying to get it between my teeth to get rid of an annoying bit of food.

  • BrytonPick argues that they are the solution because the BrytonPick is “stylish, convenient and discreet, making it more socially acceptable. It is designed to be used daily, when on the go, to remove food debris and plaque from between teeth after meals and snacks.”

I have to confess. I am among the worst flossers on the planet. I am not even particularly good at brushing my teeth for an acceptable length of time.

Our Opinion

The BrytonPick is awesome at cleaning between the front teeth, which is perfect for me. I have a gap behind my front two teeth that often gets bits of meat or lettuce stuck in it. However, read the instructions. I didn’t and I did slice the corner of my lips with the pick the first time I used it by trying to use it without looking in a mirror.

I am definitely slipping one of these in my purse to use when I am at restaurants and have something stuck in my teeth!! It is small and comes in convenient packaging perfect for the purse plus I can just rinse it off and slip it in my purse for future use!!

My husband really likes his BrytonPick. I sent it with him to work. He uses it after his lunch and is very pleased with how well it works. I am pretty sure he will want to replace his when it has reached the recommended limit!

Disclosure: BrytonPick sent me samples of the pick, at no cost to me, for review purposes. The opinions shared belong to my husband and me, you may not have the same experiences we do.


  1. So is this in place of dental floss or toothpicks? If it's in place of dental floss, I'm in. I never floss because it's awkward and it hurts!

  2. I love hearing what my friends think of a product. I have a spot too where things get "caught". Once I was at a convention last month and without floss and I got a bit of carrot stuck in my teeth. So I used one of the business cards that had been handed to me as I passed a booth to get it out. It got it out alright, but then I had an orange bit of business card stuck between my teeth the rest of the day. I wish I'd had some BrytonPicks then! Lisa~