Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking for a Creative High: Party 5

I had a tremendous creative high while on vacation. Before vacation, I made these bleached t-shirts with the girls based on an idea from Fireflies and Jellybeans.  I let the girl's use foam pieces from foam puzzle books for the imprint.

I liked them so much I decided to do them with my niece (and I hope to do them with my nephew in the next week). I also thought that to facilitate designing for the girls that foam stickers would be awesome.

So here are the little girls with their designs before bleaching.

Here are the girls wearing their special designs. 

The high for me was in the fact that because it was vacation my husband, my sister, and my BIL were involved and I think we adults had as much fun and were as fascinated by the process as the kids were.

After my experiences with K's pink and with K's red t-shirts I would suggest that red/pink are not the best colors for this project. The red definitely turned out better than the pink - you could barely see the design on the pink.

If you let the kids help with the bleaching like we did you will want to make sure they are wearing clothes that you don't mind ruining/bleaching. They will also need assistance/supervision.

Let's Party!! 
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    1. I;m such a dunce...I can't figure out where to link. Lisa~

    2. The T-shirts look really great! What a great effect, I love the girls' designs :)

    3. Hi Melissa,
      Your girls and niece look so cute in their tee shirts. What a fun idea! Thanks so much for visiting, and for your nice comments!

    4. Those t's are really cute! Did you just set the foam pieces on top of the shirt and spray over them with bleach water to get the effect?

    5. Love the tee shirts and your models are just adorable! Thanks for hosting your fun party.

    6. Hey, I just totally noticed my button on your sidebar!! You honor me dude. Truly!! Thanks so much. :-) Thanks again for another great party!!

    7. Melissa,
      Your shirts are too cute... and so are the girls wearing them! : ) great idea with the stickers... you are always so clever! : )

    8. Those t'shirts are adorable. I am sure the girls loved them to bits, especially since they made them themselves.