Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the rooster's tassel

My MIL is one of those matchy-matchy type of people. She goes through stages in the late seventies early eighties it was owls. During the late eighties early nineties it was those geese (She even had dishes!!). Now it is chickens. Among the many things I've made her are curtains, a rooster tray, and chicken votive holders. You may now add rooster tassel.

Another figure from Dollar Tree - repainted and with a hole drilled through its back!!

Thanks to those who asked after my eyes. They are fine. It was a regular appointment. Not sure why my eyes were so lopsided afterwords. ;)

The wonderful thing is that this woman tried out different contacts and I finally (after trying contacts multiple times in my life) have contacts I can wear all day with almost no discomfort (which is remarkable given how bad an allergy season we are having!!)

You know - I just reread the introduction. Chickens in the kitchen...the rest of her house is over-run with teacups and saucers, those porcelain dolls you buy from collector's organizations, and Thomas Kinkade (everything Thomas Kinkade).

It is amazing to me how all Thomas Kinkade stuff begins to look identical after awhile (long drawn out shudder).


  1. I'm shuddering also.

  2. That is a beautiful tassel. I need to make some tassels for my new lamps. Thank you for the inspriration. I need to go to Dollar Tree!!

    You are right that Thomas Kinkade stuff does look all the same!!haha!!

  3. Love the tassel and the rooster topper! I'm working on some tassels now and I'll have to go to Dollar Tree for some inspiration. Thanks for visiting my French tote post at my blog with your nice comment. P.S.I love Thomas Kinkade's paintings but he is doing the same thing over and over.