Thursday, March 25, 2010

handkerchief bunnies, angels, and purselets

You can find my tutorial for How to Make Handkerchief Bunnies at Suite101. BTW for those who like more detail it is an easy thing to use some washable glue or removable tape to add a cottonball for a tail and maybe some buttons for eyes.

These little purselets or pockets are perfect for little gift bags or for your little girl to carry her offering to Sunday School. You can find the tutorial How to Make Handkerchief Pockets at Suite101.

I think angels are as suitable for Easter as they are for Christmas. These angels can be a bit hard to figure out. I wrote a tutorial for Hanky Angels at Suite101 but it still may take a bit to get it.

The handkerchief below is sheer and made of some synthetic material. Very lovely but as I discovered super hard to work with.

The wonderful thing about all three of these projects is your handkerchiefs remain intact. No cutting or damage unless you aren't careful. The wire for the beaded angel wings and of course a thread and needle could damage more delicate or fragile handkerchiefs. BUT theoretically, you could dismantle these and find the handkerchiefs intact.

Please check out some of the blog parties where I will be sharing these handkerchief projects.

Life as Lori: Celebrating Spring or Easter

Here are the first bunnies I made several years ago - see the cotton ball tails?

just the right size for a jumbo egg

The first little bag - the experimental one...

Christmas 2008: Scroll down to the last angel - the handkerchief is stunning.
I made these before Christmas for my Aunt P (UP's wife) as a commission

this hanky still had the sticker on it and it said the lace was from spain -I think it is lovely...


  1. Oh, how sweet.... I do forget to think of hankies when I do crafts... will have to keep on the look out now.

    have a great week.

  2. How cute! Never would have thought of that :)

  3. Those are really sweet! I love the angels! : )

  4. Oh boy. I want to say I like the angel best (just because I really like angels), but truthfully I can't decide which one I like best. I like them all!

  5. I had forgotten about those bunnies!! Thanks for sharing {and reminding!} Too cute!

  6. Those are beautiful - I love the look of vintage hankies and so I have a ton of them, but they just end up sitting in drawers instead of being displayed.

  7. What fun Easter treasures! I love this idea!

  8. You are the QUEEN of hankie folding! They are all adorable. You are very talented and creative. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  9. Those ideas are really fabulous--I am passing them on to a friend who collects hankies. Thanks for linking up!