Tuesday, February 16, 2010

gorgeous antique button bouquet

Last summer when we visited some old friends in Florida, I spent a silly amount of time showing my dear friend M all the things I make via my blog. As soon as she saw all the stuff she hauled out a bunch of her oldies and started giving them to me. I got beautiful jewelry, old German sheet music, and buttons among other things. All she asked for in repayment is a button bouquet made out of these glorious, gorgeous old shell buttons. I finally made it.

I left the ribbon tie long. It actually holds the shanked button on as part of the tie because I couldn't figure out how to make that particular shank steady enough for a good flower. I think I will ship it loose so it won't scratch the glass on the vase.

This bouquet was hard to balance because all the buttons were big - I had a hard time grouping the for visibility.

If you aren't sure how to make your own bouquet check out my tutorial on Suite101.

And just for fun. Check out these pony tails on K. She usually wears a braid - partially because she likes it (she loves to whip it around) and partially because it I like it (keeps her hair from getting so tangly). But on Friday she wanted pony tails. I was startled at how long they were!!

For those who might be curious. She has only had one hair cut. Last May when she turned five we cut about five inches off because it was getting scraggly on the ends.

I am participating at A Soft Place to Land.


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