Monday, February 08, 2010

Globe Lampshade

This idea came about when one of my globes (I have a rather large collection) came crashing down off the closet in the entry. I came home from hauling the girls around to find the globes pieces neatly stacked on the bench.

After calling hubby at work to make sure it hadn't hit him on the head I began to wonder what to do with the hemisphere that seemed intact (turns out it wasn't very intact, it had many cracks which means I couldn't use it). I decided to use it for a lampshade. The globe that fell would have been an awesome lampshade - it was a plastic globe and the light shone through it beautifully.

I discovered that all the rest of my globes are cardboard. I think when I am at thrift stores that I will check for plastic globes and make another one of these sometime.

Tutorial at Suite101.
You can find more ideas for refashioning lamps on my Lamp Refashion Tutorials.

While I am sharing from my globes, I like maps too. Years ago, my parents bought two old chalkboard maps for me when a school near them closed. I used one of them to make a window shade.



  1. I think that is one of my favorite projects yet. Most of mine are metal, strangely enough.

  2. You are cleverness itself. So pretty. :) I'd never have thought of making a lamp, but since they split so neatly, it's perfect.

  3. Mary Jane's Farm Magaine has a globe shade lamp in the current issue (well, MY current issue!).

    I've been studying my globes (i only have three) to see if I want to attempt it.

    Of course, this has started me looking at EVERYTHING in a different light.

    Old strainers? Large tupperware bowls? Hmmmm.

    Oh! And your lamp looks MUCH nicer than the one in MJF. LOVE the lamp base.

  4. I got Mary Jane's for one year from my Mom for my birthday but Mom did not renew it in November. :( So I haven't seen the last several issues.

  5. Very nice idea! I came out wonderful. We have a globe lamp that we love. It has just a nice glow to it.

    I have been wandering through your blog. Fun posts. I love the scarf you made out of the dress, it turned out beautiful.

    Your girls are stunning!

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Super cool idea. I love when a mess is turned into something beautiful. Kinda like me.

    Cha Cha

  7. Maps ARE way cool. And these projects are way cool. I love the lamp and want the shade. ;-)