Wednesday, January 27, 2010

works for me - clean noodles

The girls don’t care for cereal with milk (or at least they didn’t--K has finally developed a taste for it). Dry cereal is too dry. They don’t care for hot cereals and I don’t think things like pancakes and sausage are good for breakfast unless it is a treat.
Unfortunately, hot-buttered toast and pb sandwiches get old.

However, when the girls were little, I didn’t always make them eat the exact same thing as we adults. Sometimes, when I made something I would let them eat their noodles plain without sauce. C always called it clean noodles.

One day I decided that the basic ingredients in noodles and most cereals are the same. The big difference is that noodles aren’t loaded in sugar and don’t have extra vitamins, neither of which is an issue for me. The girls don’t need sugar and they get their vitamins from other, healthier foods.

So when the girls want something different for breakfast, they have clean noodles.

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  1. clean noodles sound good to me...maybe I will try them myself!!!