Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kyler: AJ's words

We were able to bring Kyler home on Sunday. Kyler appears to be doing well. He was sent home because the doctors are hopeful the drug regimen that he is on will allow him to grow. He is on 4 different drugs-he has two diuretics (they are to remove extra fluid from his lungs so he can breath easier), he is on digoxen which is basically digitalis (it is to help his heart beat more efficiently-making it so less energy is used for his heart to beat), and he is on a blood pressure medication (it is to decrease the work load on his heart and to make it so less oxygenated blood returns to his lung through the hole in his heart.) He is also on fortified milk which increases his caloric intake. All of this is being done in the hope that he will have to work less to breath and survive so more energy can be put into growth. It was kind of scary when we were released the words they used to describe his condition were congestive heart failure. The doctors want him to grow so his heart has time to heal naturally. If he does not grow the next step would be heart surgery to close the hole in his heart. The doctors do not want to do that surgery because of the location of the hole (in the muscle) it would be a more difficult surgery than if it was in the membrane of the heart. Please continue to pray for Kyler's growth.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers. Knowing that Kyler has an army of prayer warriors praying for him has been a huge blessing. Thank you!


  1. Hi Melissa. Sorry to hear about the health concerns of your nephew! It's so hard to see a little one struggle like this. He will be in my prayers also.

    I've been busy trying to set us up for somewhat of a small homestead. We just got our chickens, hubby built a hoop house for extending the season and growing more veg, we're clearing out some pine trees to make room for fruit trees.

    I haven't been posting regularly. It seems I was tagged in February for a photo type thing and I thought of you right away. If you don't want to participate, don't feel obligated. But if you do ~ instructions are on my blog.

    The girls look as beautiful as ever ;) ~ my Xman (Xavier)is getting big. Daughter to send pictures via email this week. I'll post.

  2. so very sorry that Kyler has such health problems so early in his little life...I am praying for him... and for your sister and brother in law as they care for him...

  3. It's so saddening to see such young babies struggle to survive. He's definitely in my prayers.

    In response to your comment on my blog - I am a member of Goodreads, my handle is cherubsmummy :) I haven't been very active, except to keep adding books as they enter my house.

  4. Thanks for the update. This regimen sounds just like the one my friends little baby had to prepare him for surgery.

    I am joining your family in prayer...

  5. Wow. It certainly sounds like Kyler is getting great care.

    If it's any comfort, my dad had a severe birth defect of the heart. Bland/White/Garland - it is now called.

    It was not found until he was 72. This week he will turn 83. The heart surgery gave him 10+ more years.

    As painful as life can be, it's always good to remember that our life, and the lives of those we love, are firmly in God's hands.

    Still praying...


  6. Thanks for the update. I hope each day that has gone by Kyler is getting stronger. Your family is in our thoughts.

  7. Oh, Melissa - I'm just popping in a few places tonight to try to catch up. I wanted to know how baby Kyler was doing. I saw above that he has begun to gain weight. PTL! I will continue to pray for your adorable little nephew and for his mom and dad. Hugs to you and your whole family.