Saturday, January 31, 2009

in the creative zone

Gift Boxes

Tin Can Votives


  1. I especially love the Eeyore box

  2. (deep sigh)

    You inspire me.

    I haven't made much yet this year.

    Tin can votives are moving to the top of my list.

  3. art of art, and all well done.
    I like the narrow dof on the thread I the one picture. That is not easy work, you have greater talents else where.

  4. The tin can votives have such a great look. And I can barely believe they are made of tin cans!

    Love them all.

  5. Eeyore for me, too.

    Did you hand paint the rooster on the tin can? It looks like it could be adapted for a child's craft? Do you think?

  6. ME, does your father have one of the boxes Grandpa M made? I've had mine for years sitting on top of my dresser. UP

  7. Anonymous3:09 PM

    They're all beautiful. I particularly like the Pooh bear and the Eeyore boxes.

    "Pooh dropped his stone. There was a loud splash, and Eeyore disappeared..."

  8. These are so special. I love them and I may have to copy a bit here and there--love, love, love!