Monday, December 15, 2008

pollyana's lemons

This doll turned out how I expected except that the adhesive (which I was doubtful about to begin with, didn't work (see her arm, lying in the lemon drops?) so I dismantled her and will try her again after Christmas).

The beads read:

Be Glad
Give Thanks
Count Blessings


  1. I cannot express to you just how happy I am to know that someone besides just me likes the odd pieces of a doll body.

    My daughter has been known to open a drawer and scream.

    What a great idea to remake them into something beautiful!

    I just look at mine and think about the knee bone being connected to the ankle bone, or something.

  2. Ah ~ when life gives you lemons ... I like it.

  3. I enjoy these color leaks and the subject and how you approached it. Good eye for a nice dof and angle, it is all good. Merry Christmas ...