Friday, December 05, 2008

answering emily's question

Do you ever get tired of being so fabulous? ;)

I don't feel fabulous. I see the mistakes, the places where I don't convey, what I see, the times I misjudged the light, and the graininess in a photo that should not be grainy.

I see what I wish were different and so I often feel inadequate for what I do, especially when I am doing projects for other people, which I do frequently now.


  1. Oh yes, this I so understand.

  2. Excellent answer. You see what you want to change, you learn and grow. Even in your (self perceived) inadequacies you are fabulous (a word I seldom if ever use) to those of us who get to read what you write and see what you create you are a fabulous inspiration flaws faults and all (who among us hasn't any). You always seem to me sure footed and gentile so bright, funny, clever and giving of your talents. I want to be more like you. I'm humbled by your grace. Thank you.

    'My grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made in perfect weakness'.

  3. I hope you understand that I only meant to say by my comment my thoughts in a strictly complimentary way. I really do think you are fabulous! You certainly are one of the very best photographers that I know...

    I understand about not recognizing your own talents or seeing in yourself what other people seem to see...I'm very much that way myself. Too much a perfectionist...I can never seem to be good enough for myself!


  4. Anonymous1:09 AM

    You are fabulous darling (lol I sound like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous - did you get that show in the States?). Fabulous to me anyway.

    Wish we could meet, but I guess blogs and Christmas cards will have to do.

    I'm a perfectionist too. Sometimes I'm so self critical.


  5. isn't it amazing how things can be going so well and yet we still feel terribly unsure of ourselves? ugh.