Tuesday, October 07, 2008

talking back to you

I've been extremely busy in addition the changing weather seems to make my hands ache worse and so I am very tired. However, there have been some special comments I wanted to reply to. I had many lovely comments about the girl's dresses and I think Chessa sums it up in her delightful comment:

I LOVE these photos. The dresses are wonderful. Both of my grandmothers are seamstresses and they made us so many beautiful things. Even though they weren't made for us, my mother brought home these dresses one day and they were matching. The photo that she treasures the most is one of my sister and me in the identical dresses standing under a tree at my grandmother's house in Argentina. My sister and I were always very different and even though we had the same dress on, our personalities shined through...your girls have such strong personalities too and they come through in these photos.

The dresses are about heritage and about personality and I am blessed to have a wonderful mother and very unique girls.

Brian and Julie both suggest Celtic artists. Brian mentioned Iona - I remembered I had a cd and was surprised to find out that I had three they are back out and in circulation as well as my one Maire Brennan cd.

If I can finish what I am working on I will share a bit later today.


  1. Suddenly I am reminded of dresses I 'shared' with my sister. I was a girly girl, and always wore the pink version, she was pleased to be the tom boy, and wore blue. We are close in age, and it amused us to pretend we were twins. Twirling dresses at a Christmas church service, what a happy memory!

  2. My sister and I often either matched, or almost matched for Easter and other holidays. Very few of our clothes were home made though. We probably wouldn't have appreciated them anyhow.

  3. My girls--as different as anything could be LOVE to dress alike even though they have opposite taste, shape, style, you name it.

  4. So glad you're back Melissa. Hope you are feeling well. I've missed you.

  5. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I might look up Maire Brennan, I'd not heard of her.


  6. thank you so much for sharing my comment. I wrote it from the heart. Your girls are beautiful and I hope that they will be as close as my sister and I are now when they "grow up" - although to be honest, when we're together, my sister and I will always be 10 and 7! Except that now she has a little girl of her own!
    have a wonderful weekend:)