Monday, October 13, 2008

many thoughts but little time

I have many thoughts I would like to share from the books I've recently read Made from Scratch: Reclaiming the Pleasures of the American Hearth and Pilgrim's Progress. Disparate books which have given me a lot to think about.

But I have fund raising projects that demand my attention.

We are enjoying a nice rainy fall day - that is not a sarcastic comment - I love cold rainy fall days.

Frugal Idea #1: Grab some old tea towels, cut them up, and hem them to make cloth napkins. If you don't like stained napkins and aren't inclined to spend time whitening your napkins use a calico or some other busy print for your napkins.


  1. I like a rainy fall day, too. But not too many in a row, mind you. :)

  2. I love rainy fall days, too. perfect reason to stay in and snuggle, process photos, read, watch bad tv, etc.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Beautiful colours!

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts if you get chance to share. I've not read Pilgrim's Progress.

    Oh, BTW if you wondered where I'd gone on Good Reads I've deleted my account I just didn't get time to keep it up properly. Just gonna stick to blogging! :)


  4. Beautiful shots of wet autumn foliage, magical looking.
    I have just been making piles of napkins and place mats for the winter season. I've been using up some old fabric I've had piling up. The family loves when I have dress the diner table in new stuff, so easy yet impactive.

  5. I love all the red photos.

  6. I love the red of those leaves. Often, the only vibrant red like that I see is poison ivy. :)

  7. Vibrant leaves dripping in color. Beautiful!