Sunday, October 26, 2008

apple of my eye... ;0

I'm still drying apples and making apple sauce from the apples we picked at the orchard a few weeks back. I love apples not for eating (not a big apple eater but hubby and Grace love them) but for photographing - they are very photogenic in my opinion.

Saturday, I worked very, very hard in the yard. It was supposed to get cold and perhaps snowy today. I got loads done and felt quite accomplished. Today it got cold and it did sleet for quite awhile this morning. However, it was not cold enough to stick (thank goodness).

Tomorrow we have parent-teacher's conferences for Light. I will be interested to hear what her teacher has to say about her in the classroom (I know she is doing well academically based on the papers she brings home - but I know that school is much, much more than academics).

Thursday and Friday last week disappeared in a blur of obsession. I decided that in addition to the photo books that I am putting together for the school fund-raiser, I would put together a Scrabble Board collage for the fifth grade class and a Connect Four frame for the first grade class.

Connect Four was done easily and quickly. However, I ran into trouble with the Scrabble Board project. I wanted to put all the kids names on it. I spent nearly twelve hours (very concentrated hours when I ignored almost everything trying to create the board) trying to get the names to fit. I finally packed up and said it was impossible when I had an inspiration on how to make it work. I will show photos later this week when I finish the Scrabble board.

One of the projects that is near completion that the girls and I worked on this week was putting together our boxes for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. I have to buy crayons to go with the coloring books we put in the boxes, print out the pictures the girls want to include, write a note, and then we can drop them off at church.

I will try to be more visible this week. Hope all of you have a good week.


  1. My kids are looking forward to filling their shoebox. :)

  2. You want to know how to cheat on the scrabble board with their names? Go to and do their names as the answers to the question. It will spit out a crossword that you can switch into a scrabble board line up.

  3. ...and you take the BEST photo's!

  4. The scrabble project sounds like quite the challenge.

    Preschool parent teacher conferences are next week. I am wondering what she is going to say also...

    I hope you have a good week as well!

  5. Melissa, that last shot is so dear!
    And I agree about apples not being a favorite fruit, though when I pick them, they do taste better than store bought. I love the apple star, how you make everything so special, you are so gifted in so many ways. I delight in your delight.

  6. I love all of these photos. the images of the seeds are lovely. Seeds to me are new beginnings...

    and, the photos of the girls, as always, are absolutely beautiful. they are so warm.

  7. I just love all the love you can see in the pictures of the girls together!