Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm tired. I want my own life and schedule back.

I want my hubby back - he is withdrawn and a bit surly.


  1. Oh, Melissa, my heart goes out to you. There is nothing I can say except I KNOW what a trauma it can be to have visitors, namely ones m-i-l.
    If you don't have your husband than what?... I'd kick and scream until he snapped out of it. I actually did do that this past June, pure desperation.
    When my husband did snap back we were at least able to pray in private corners together until 'they' left.
    Sending thoughts of relief and smooth sailing your way. Only a few more days, hang in there. (easy for me to say, when my visit is long over)

  2. Gorgeous pictures too!
    I love the hoppin' grasser climbing "weary". And the grass, love grasses.

  3. Very moody pictures but I expect it is a way to express yourself without actually tearing your hair. They are very good.

    Sending prayers your way. This too shall pass!

  4. Beautiful photos. I am sorry it is hard. Praying things smooth out.

  5. Oh.

    Come visit me.

    We could make stuff, and then take pictures of it.

  6. Sending an Aussie hug and prayer.

  7. I hear ya, sweet thing. Mine has been a bit melancholy, just this side of grumpy.

    Looking forward to smooth days too.

    Love to you...

  8. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Ahhh sweet rhythm and harmony, how our mother hearts crave it when our schedules are all mixed up by seemingly endless visits and doings.

    ((((hugs across the sea)))

  9. ((Melissa)) ~ Praying God gives you an extra measure of grace as you get through the rest of the visit.

  10. i want a break.

    and to take a walk where you took these photos.

  11. I like the pictures, you have not lost your touch. We finally got power at 6PM on Friday, 6 days after it went out. Makes one appreciate the creature comforts of life.

    Sorry you have to deal with all the family issues, I know from the past it is not easy for you. But you deal with it as best you can and try to keep a stiff upper lip. Not much else one can do when it comes to family issues. Give the girls more hugs find a good book and a hide away corner.

  12. We are thinking of you and your family. Sorry this visit isn't a happy one. I hope things get back to normal soon.

  13. visits can become long and hard on everyone...remember after they are gone you will only remember the "good times"
    husband's become surly when they are trying to make momma, and wife happy at the same time...(under the same roof)
    hang in there and it will be worth it in the long run...

  14. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hi Me. Hope things are going a little more peacefully...hmmm reallllly bad grammar there.

    Anyway, I came across a blog I thought you might like.

    It's an arty-crafty blog. It might not be your cup of tea, but I just thought I'd share in case you would enjoy it.

    Hugs to you and yours.