Friday, September 12, 2008

sundry things

Tonight my MIL arrives.

I just read the Caring Bridge Blog of a woman whose child is in Light's preschool (although not in her class). She is an unbeliever fighting stage four cancer. She was diagnosed last October just days before her littlest reached 32 weeks. He was born early so that the doctors could figure out all that was going on with her and so that they could begin treating her. She has a five-year-old, three-year-old and of course the baby who is approaching a year.

She discovered our preschool at the YMCA when they had a preschool round-up. She told the teacher she knew there was a reason for sending her boy to MC. Please pray for her and her family. Her name is Anne and her husband's name is Jon.


  1. Beautiful picture. : )

    I will keep her and her family in my prayers. It breaks my heart to hear someone is very sick, and not prepared for eternity.

    I remember my preacher telling me, when he was looking down into the casket of a dear friend who was unsaved, "If I had tried just one more time, would it have made a difference?" So, we keep praying for salvation until we no longer can.

  2. So sad. I wish only the best for her and her young family.

  3. Beautiful shots. I hope things go well with mil. Praying for you all as well as for her and her family the other lady, not mil.:))

  4. Praying...for God's healing hand on her body and soul.

  5. I will pray for your friend.

    I hope you have a blessed visit with your MIL. May you be friends.

  6. Oh my goodness, such young babies, my prayers are sent and continue sending. I got some terrible news tonight too so prayers will be on forefront all weekend, as always should be.

    These images are beautiful, I want more.

    I love Sally Mann's work. I know how powerful an image young girls can be.
    We aren't excepting of naked human form, it's so silly. Maybe because we're all growing in such cold climate or puritanical coruption.
    I hated living in New England (watch how I offend) folks are so uptight. Can't speak the truth let alone be naked.
    Nothing is more beautiful.

  7. I wonder how you found out about her blog. Thanks for sharing the request.

  8. The teachers for Light's preschool asked permission from Anne to share as much as she was willing to share with the school. She was very open and gave her name, address, and caring bridge site. Anne said that she has grown to believe in the power of prayer because she has no choice.

    I long to share her blog with you as it is poignant (the photo of her with her preschooler on his first day of school just melts my heart and when she talks of the decisions that they needed to make when her baby was 32 weeks and the doctor wanted to deliver him for her sake and how her husband felt vs how she felt I was moved) and would make it easier for you to pray for her - however, since I am not a close friend of hers - I do not feel it is my place.

  9. Eve, Powerful and convicting reminder.

    Bobbie-Joe - thanks for the prayer of friendship - I will need it.

    Claire - I will pray for yours too.

  10. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I'll be praying...


  11. Very caring shots - I was drawn to the hand and stone shot as being very compassionate before I had read anything. It tells a story and leaves you wanted to know why... great work.