Wednesday, September 10, 2008

picture day and fun projects

Yesterday was picture day at school for Grace. I detest school pictures. My husband and in-laws think they are a necessity of life. I could happily forgo them. I have a theory about portraits but I won't bore you with it right now. I took my own photos of her.

I will say I love the warm morning sunrise on her while she sits on the red armchair - isn't it beautiful are warm and pink and red and purple. She was so relaxed and sweet.

Light by prism light. I have three prisms tacked (with that tacky stuff that they use on packaging) to the window that is high up in the entry. They throw their light around the room in the morning. I wish I could line the whole ledge up solid with them. Maybe I will someday.

Light and I had fun in the yard yesterday and she was a big help. I love her imagination. I put the squeeze spray nozzle on the hose and set it to shower. She got her hands arranged so that she could squeeze it on and off. "Fireworks!" she said as she squeezed it on and off in short bursts.

Last night, I got a phone call from the mother of one of Light's classmates. She was calling to RSVP for Light's big party. Then she interrupts herself to ask me "You are crafty, right?" Well the upshot of the conversation is that I will be photographing Light's class and the students of a class whose teacher doesn't have a parent representative. The photographs will be made into commemorative books for the school's Celebrate the Spirit silent auction and fund raiser. Should be fun. The woman said that last year a glazed cake plate she made with all the kids painting on it and signing it made three-hundred dollars.

BTW just to share some stress in my life. I've been cleaning. My MIL arrives on Friday night and will be staying with us for 18 days. My jaws ache already.


  1. I never have gotten those school photos for my girls. Though I do appreciate mine from childhood. How my mother could afford for 6 children plus foster children, I'll never know.

    I love that shot in the red chair, when she is looking at the camera, nestling in. So rich and warm, and
    for all time.

    Those rainbow shots are so cool.
    We hang crystals but sunshines through window only some days of the year when the sun is high enough to reach over the tall redwood tree tops, early summer.
    I love helping with art in the schools, otherwise they would go without. Such a shame.
    Wonderful to have such a garden helper, I have one too!
    I'm so sorry your m-i-l is coming, the upheaval. Though, it is fun to do things differently. I imagine my jaw would ache from stress grinding, not talking.

    My package will arrive for you while she visits. Don't think I'll make it to post today, need one more evening to wrap 4 boxes and address them.

  2. Remember at stressful times, we clinch ourselves right up and we don't breath deeply enough causing further stress. Vicious cycle.
    Deep breathing several times a day will relax you. Your every cell will be pumped right up with oxygen.
    To deep breathe:
    Through your nose inhale deeply for 5 seconds, imagine filling your body up with air from the bottom up, diaphragm breath.
    Hold that breath for double the amount you inhaled, 10 seconds.
    Now exhale slowly through the mouth for 5-10 seconds, imagine getting every last bit out!
    Repeat this for 5 minutes 3 times a day (while doing dishes).
    Especially when run down or sick.

    Empowering tool, to keep in the back pocket!

    They don't say, "breath a sigh of relief" for nothing!

  3. Those are the perfect school pictures. :) Beautiful. The prism is awesome as well--need to do that. Wiped out--worked today, joints aching making me grumpy. Will be working once a week and hopefully will not be nearly as cranky as today. Sigh.

  4. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Yeah school photos are a bit tedious. Lol, but they take a better photo than I do! :)

    I love your photos and wish that you were our school photographer!

    Hope the MIL visit is peaceful and enjoyable...hope your cleaning isn't too onerous.


    Sarah x

  5. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Dear Me of mine
    We went to an evening workshop called Fresh Encounters last Friday and it was about learing to pray and coporate prayer. I bought a couple of the books and I am trying some of the prayer suggestions. The upshot of all this is, to let you know that I have been praying for you every morning. Love Me's mom

  6. I never loved picture day. There seemed to be so much pressure for no good reason. Although I can appreciate the ones of me in private school in my uniform...those are cute. My wild hair is such a contrast to my buttoned up neck tie and knee high socks. The images you took are beautiful. I love them.

    I can't wait to see what you turn out from the birthday party and the school project!

  7. School photos are soul-less....Your photos have soul. Light filled.

    The only good thing about those generic school photos are they are a chronolgy of tooth loss in grade school years and zits in secondary school years.

    Loved the elementary'll rock it well as the MIL visit. :)

  8. MIL for 18 days - you ARE a good good person.

    Those deeply saturated orange light portraits are doing it for me!