Thursday, August 28, 2008

phsycedelic garden and updates

Thank you to everyone who prayed. Last night after I left my message I went outside and watched a spectacular thunderstorm and prayed. After about twenty minutes I felt calm and assured. The decision has not been made yet but this morning when I woke up I still felt calm. I know that the prayers that all of you have made between last night and this morning contributed to my sense of calm.

The decision will be made sometime today. So continue to pray for peace and a willingness to listen to God's will for all of us.

Onto other events. On Tuesday evening, (hubby took the week off since we have no vacations planned he had vacation to burn - it has been nice and relaxing) I dragged everyone to school for the open-house events for the girls - only to discover much to my chagrin and hubby's intense embarrassment that the open-house is on Thursday.

After our little schnaffu we came home and had BLT's without the L and I packed and left to go spend the night at my sister's. I had a second photos seminar at a different library for high school students. I am pleased to say that it went very well and I was complimented by some nice remarks by the gentleman who reported on the event for the local newspaper. I rather surprised by how much I enjoy giving these seminars.

While I was at the seminar, hubby let the girls sleep in their tent on the deck. It lasted a while 45 minutes. :)

On the way home from the seminar, I stopped to exchange a bag of incorrect dog food for the dog. The detour put me near my favorite thrift store where I found some lovely gifts for my mother and for my MIL. In addition, I picked up some computer games for the girls and some old photographs of children. I also picked up a gift for my husband. I found the original animated Hobbit for ninety-nine cents; the one that turned him on to Tolkein. He has always complained how terrible it is compared to the books - however, it did lead the way to the land of Middle Earth for him. So last night we had fun watching it with the girls.

Today, I am taking Light to the Dr because we've been have accidents and complaining of various aches and pains that are symptomatic of a UTI. While I feel bad for her, I hope it is a UTI because then we know what is going on and can fix it.

We are also going to take Grace to get her hair cut. We are going to try to have some more bangs trimmed in so that she has more peripheral vision and get about 4-6 inches trimmed off the ends to help with the snarls.

Tonight we will go to the open-house at school. After the open house, I will abandon my family to go to a coffee house to listen to a friend read from her book of poetry. The poetry reading is this month's book club event. Nice and easy with little reading!

As you can see, I have asters blooming. I started these by the Wintersown method this spring and they are quite phscyedelic, don't you think?

Did you notice the beautiful apricot zinnia further up the page? I love the color. When I went into the backyard to photograph it, I heard a bunch of rustling in the sunflower about two yards from me. I ignored it until I finished my photograph. When I looked up I saw a squirrel carting off a sunflower head that he had sawed off.

On Monday, I saw a squirrel digging around in my seven foot tall cherry tomatoe plant (no kidding, it is taller than the back fence - I guess good trellising really works). Soon he comes out with a green tomatoe and sits eating it while watching me. I had wondered about it as I often found half eaten tomatoes around the plant.

Ugh rodents. I still have problems with moles, I have at least two chipmunks, loads of squirrels, and of course that mouse. Ugh! I want an indoor/outdoor cat. Unfortunately, hubby and I are allergic. :(


  1. Love all the flower photos. They are gorgeous!

  2. Will continue to pray...

  3. Wonderful update. Beautiful pictures.
    When I was born I had Kidney issues. And for years had issues with my "water works". It is very scary, even if only a UTI-they can he SO uncomfortable.
    You are an amazing person I will keep you in my prayers.
    Best Warm regards

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Lol you do have rodent problems. The flower's colours are so pretty and as you say a bit psychedelic.

    Still praying, so glad you have found assurance.


  5. Busy week for you all. I hope your little girl's problem is eased.

    As for the squirrel, I hate to say we like them more than plants around here - but that's just how we are. We all mourned when our cat "moused" a squirrel. :(

    I said a prayer for your decision. God loves you wildly, and cares about the tiniest detail and decision in your life. I'm glad you feel His peace.

    Even though we aren't "green thumbs", I lovelove your pictures. :)

  6. These photos of yours have flower power. Smiling. All is good with the universe....squirrels sawing off sunflower heads. ( love that)

    God's hands are never idle. :)

    surrounding us with light.

  7. Anonymous8:34 PM

    wow!!! look at those colors!!