Monday, August 04, 2008

lost blessings

A few weeks ago, we had a fun little surprise planned for the girls. However, the girls were being very rebellious towards us and they were fighting with each other. As a result, hubby and I decided not to surprise the girls. We had not told the girls we had a treat planned and we did not tell them we took the treat away. We simply went on with our day without doing what we had planned.

The surprise was something they would have enjoyed immensely. And we found out from our neighbor that the event was bigger than we had thought it would be. But the girls never knew.

I wondered how often we miss out as Christians. How many times does our Father in Heaven have a delightful blessing planned for us that because we are rebellious and following our wayward hearts, He decides to quietly withdraw without our knowing it? What blessings do we miss because we decided to do it ‘my way?’

Sometimes, we plan a surprise and we let the girls know that there is a surprise in the wings. Sometimes that surprise fails either because of forces outside of our control or because we withdraw the privilege because the children are naughty. In these situations, the girls are disappointed and know what they’ve missed and live with regret. But they also live with the hope that we might grant them another opportunity.

Sometimes in our lives we know that we disobeyed God and can see with reasonable clarity that God withdrew a blessing. Sometimes we live with regret and hope that God will give us a second chance. But sometimes, we never know what we missed. When I thought of what the girls missed I felt sad that they never knew they had the opportunity but I also felt some relief in that they wouldn’t be sad about missing the opportunity.

I wonder how God feels?


  1. Does he still feel the nails, every time we fail? A beautiuful song by Ray Boltz. That is what I though of when I read your post.

    We do fail to listen and miss many blessings,I am sure. Hopefully we grow as we serve him year after year and learn to listen a little closer as time goes on.

  2. If we knew how many of his wonderful blessing we have missed we would be really heartbroken...
    We miss so many blessings simply by not taking the opportunity to witness to someone when He places then right square in our path....
    thank you for this post reminding us that we should always be obedient and open to His leading...

  3. Profound truth.

  4. I never thought about it like this. Doubtless I do sometimes miss unknowingly some beauty which He desires to share with me or grow within me. I think I would be not a little devastated if I actually knew how many times I had missed something special. I guess I can't assume that God will always tell me in neon thoughts, "I've got something better". Which is why I must not take my God for granted. How slow to anger and abounding in love He is to His children.

  5. It makes me sad to think that I "know" what is best for me, when really, I'm missing out on God's surprise. I'm so thankful for second chances.

    I really appreciated your comment on my blog about being delivered through this. As I learn more about our FAS journey, I think you're right. I pray for the faith to climb this mountain that I may not move.