Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hubby decided we needed to go to the Renaissance Festival this year. Before Grace was born, we went every year. The last time we went, was when Grace turned three. Light was a newborn and she stayed home with Hubby's parents. Hubby and I went with my parents and my Paternal grandfather (who wanted to add this to his list of experiences).

I didn't think we needed to go this year until it occurred to me that we have not taken any vacations this year so I guess going to the RenFest is okay.

The first stop was the petting zoo where we saw this rooster.

The only souvenirs that the girls got were some balloon creatures made by this gentleman. He made them for no charge except for his Tip Hat.

We watched the jousting.

We let the girls choose one paid for activity. Grace chose to ride this giant rocking horse. Do you see the man who operates it? He and another guy rocked this giant horse. You should have seen the size of his calves.

Light chose to ride the butterfly merry-go-round.

The girls really liked petting the snakes. They weren't so sure about this baby alligator.

I did get any photos at our favorite show. It used to be called the Dew Drop Jugglers but a change of members lead to a name change and they are now The Danger Committee (they added a knife thrower). We watched them twice and the girls wanted to see them again (all the shows are free admission).

Another favorite show of the girls was this story-telling event at the Children's Stage. It featured a baby dragon being born. The costumes were excellent and the story was cute.


  1. Wow! That looks like a fabulous day. We don't really have anything comparable here. I like an excuse to dress up.

  2. Oh my, that is so awesome! My kids would LOVE it, my husband would HATE it.

  3. what a great experience for the kids (and for mom and dad)
    they will remember this day for a long long time...

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    My little Squidge was wearing the flower wreath, that you sent to me a while ago, today. She looked so cute.


  5. It sounds like fun. We use to go to the one in Memphis TN when we lived there. Back then, it took place across from their beautiful library and a pretty lake in front. I love all the pomp and circumstance and the costumes.

  6. We have one of those fairs. I have 3 boys and their favorite part was the joust and wearing coats of mail. I have a picture somewhere.

    We had a turkey leg and soup in a bowl made of bread for dinner.

  7. AMAZING PHOTOS!!! Nice work.

  8. Your lovely photos tell a story in themselves. A great day of fun to put away in the memories of you, your hubby and your girls. Pure delight on their faces! ( I have to admit being the age I am...the ponytailed, jousting "knight" on horseback would draw my attention now)

    There is a Ren fair in the KC area in Sept. We( Dh and I) need to go's been 20 years.

  9. I've never been to a Faire like that.
    The picture of the guy jousting looks like it should be a poster for a movie.

  10. That looked like so much fun! Definitely a good "only" vacation in my opinion. Did the girls think they were transported to another time and place?