Saturday, August 09, 2008

garden mania

I've had a very busy couple of days and photos to share but right now, I will share garden pictures. One of the fascinating things about being a photographer, poet, writer, artist, and even a gardener is the ability/gift (which can be quite dangerous) of presenting the world the way I want you to see it.

Right now my garden is pretty ugly, I've got loads of dead annuals (poppies) that need to be removed, I've got dry dead patches of grass, and I need to mow, and....the list goes on. But these photos make it look pretty decent. :)


  1. Beeautiful--mine is full of weeds.

  2. I'm with Heather, all I've got is weeks, a couple geraniums and some coneflowers.

    I love the way you made even the back of that flower look beautiful.

  3. WOW

    It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful His nature is. And how beautifully you catch this....

    Peaceful (and magical, smile) week : ) Wendy