Thursday, July 17, 2008

wrung out

I've worked to hard in the garden and completely ran out of energy this week. I am tired and lack interest. I think the important lesson is if I get too tired my zest ebbs. Losing interest is much more saddening than the lack of energy. A lesson I should keep in mind next time I try to push too long.

happy feverfew a plant whose properties a I am experimenting with

a bee balm plant I bought when we met my sister, her husband, and my parents for strawberry picking

I love this dear little random pink cornflower

Today the weather is oppressively hot and muggy but overcast (or it was - the sun is out now). The girls needed to get out so we went to Goodwill. I found a beautiful hardcover set of Louisa May Alcott books with olive green spines, colored title page art, and illustrations. The set includes, Little Women, Little Men, Jo's Boys, Jack and Jill, Under the Lilacs, and Eight Cousins, it didn't have Rose in Bloom which I think it should have. Ah well. The artwork is by Ruth Ives and is lovely.

I also bought a beautiful hand-blown, green-glass apothecary jar, an illustrated Golden Press of The Red Badge of Courage and an illustrated Golden Press of The Five Little Peppers Midway. I also bought a combined copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - with Tenniel illustrations (did I need another copy, no but...) I also bought some beautiful glass marbles and new pillows for our couch (the holes in the old ones are shamefully large).


  1. Your photography just never stops amazing me Melissa. I get moved becuase it shows "fairy world" really, how truly magical God's world really is. Like that top feverfew picture does for sure.

    Here's to a restful week for you m'dear : ) Wendy

  2. ps What a find those books were, i can picture you and your little cuties reading them together. Vintage books are so irrestible arent they? They are the one thing i just cant help "collecting" and they fill every cupboard and nook in here, lol : )

  3. Oh ~ what fabulous book finds ... my favorite kind of thrift shopping! I so agree with you that losing interest is worse than getting tired. With no focus it's very hard to get motivated to move again even when energy is renewed!

    Hoping you get some much needed rest and arise refreshed in body and mind. :o)

  4. The final ones are my favorite--stunning.

  5. Those sound like great goodwill finds. I agree about Rose in Bloom, it is a favorite that I reread.

    Is losing interest in something a side effect about the capacity of our brains? I don't know, just a thought.

  6. Wow.. what great finds you scored at the Goodwill! I adore old books. Take it easy in the heat. As I have is easy to overheat while working in gardens this time of year. Love your flower garden photos. magical.