Friday, July 11, 2008


But the Poppy is painted glass; it never glows so brightly as when the sun shines through it. Wherever it is seen-against the light or with the light- always, it is a flame, and warms the wind like a blown ruby. John Ruskin

Like a yawn of fire from the grass it came,

And the fanning wind puff'd it to flapping flame

Francis Thompson


  1. I used to HATE poppies--now I love them. THose are stunning.

  2. When I read the first line (..the poppy is painted glass) as I was glancing at the first photo, I thought that poppy was glass. The last photo w/ white background gives that impression as well. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!

    Thank you for your words to Brian. He is eager for any and all feedback he gets on his photography. He's most definitely been bitten by the "bug." :o)

    Next time we head up to the antique store I will price out those juicers if they're still around.

  3. Exquisite! I could never grow poppies here. Reminds me of impressionist paintings. You really do fabulous photography.

  4. Wonderful poppy photos!! The Shirley's will always be my favorites. Each one is like a gift when it bursts it's pod.... you never know what lovely color it might be, as the bees do such a great job of cross pollination.