Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I received an award from a delightful woman whose blog I recently started reading. Her name is Amy and I love the stories she tells about her boys at her blog Queen to My 3 Boys.

I know that I am not always the best about doing this but I am going to pass the award along like a good blogger. :) Here are my seven awardees.

Heather: My friend Heather writes about life at the side of the mainstream in her blog An Untraditional Home. She is a fabulous artist and the mother to three beautiful children. Her heart belongs to God and she is a source of inspiration to me.

Judy: Judy is a Grandma, a reader of books, and a wise Christian who writes poignantly and honestly about the trials of life including her mother's struggle with Alzheimer's disease. I've been reading Judy's blog, Anybody Home, since I started writing in blogland.

Jodi: Jodi has the sweetest most generous heart in blogland. It is betrayed by her gentle words and the quiet atmosphere of her blog The Deputy Domain where she writes about homemaking and a relationship with Christ.

Heidi: I've been reading Heidi's blog for a very long time too. It has been a fascinating journey to follow her as she learns to adjust to the unplanned route changes in her journey with God. Her's is a journey of truly learning the meaning of her blog title God's Grace in Practice. God took her at her word when she said that " I am looking for ways emulate God's grace in daily life." Watching her grow is a true inspiration.

Mimi: Mimi is Jodi's mom and her blog folds you in a grandmother's love and passion for Christ as she prays and helps teach the next generation and those who visit her blog, Listen to Grammie.

Jenny: I recently was updating my profile and clicked on some of my profile options to see what sort of blogs I would find. To my delight I found a Kansas blog that I find delightful. Jenny's blog wheats! takes me home. When one leaves home and moves far away, one learns the strong pull of a homeland. Visiting wheats! is like visiting my childhood.

Chris and Lauri: Lauri and Chris are Miss Flower - ostensibly their blog is a gardening blog but really it is a sharing of the little daily things that give them pleasure. I find blogs of the little daily things in life the most enjoyable and so the last blog to receive the award is Miss Flower.

Copy and paste the award into your blog. Link to who you got award from (me). Share with us your seven awardees.


  1. Thanks Me--feel like I am thanking myself. Hope all is well. Your comment today was so very encouraging. Thank you.

  2. Thank You!!

    And they were a gift from my friend and neighbor which have really been a blessing to our menu:) I have no garden this year.

  3. Me ~ I am humbled and touched. You are a precious to me, dear friend.