Monday, March 17, 2008

When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin

The books talked about it [the heart] as if it were a sump pump stuck down in the muck and mire of somebody’s backyard. Never in all my scientific reading did I encounter anything that talked about a broken heart. Never did I read anything about what the heart felt, how it felt or why it felt. Feeling and knowing weren’t important, only understanding. (79)

Reese, your books might not tell you this, so I will. Every heart has two parts, the part that pumps and the part that loves. If you’re going to spend your life fixing broken hearts, then learn about both. You can’t just fix one with no concern for the other. (80)

When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin

This novel is predictable but it is still a thoroughly enjoyable book. What I love about the first quote is that even though he doesn't follow up on it there is an implication in how the textbooks treat the heart. It is how we treat the heart too. We just assume it can always handle all the junk we feed it both physically and emotionally. We treat it as if it were a sump pump and not the wellspring of life.

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