Monday, March 24, 2008

a spring walk

today is dq's last day of spring break

the girls dropped chunks of snow in the creek

When the groundhog casts his shadow
And the small birds sing
And the pussywillows happen
And the sun shines warm
And when the peepers peep
Then it is Spring

Margaret Wise Brown

We can check off lines 1-3 and they are promising us line 4 this week. I think it will be awhile before the peepers start their song.

a couple of minimalistic snowscapes (which really look a million times better viewed large and on a monitor calibrated like mine)... ;)


  1. They look cute in their matching jackets. My sister and I used to have matching stuff like that.

  2. what a fun day for the girls...the cold doesn't seem to bother them...

  3. I think you may have more snow left, than we do! It's receded to the edges of the yard and the like, here.

  4. I enjoyed your photos of the snow a lot more than looking out my window at the real thing!! The good thing about spring snows is they don't last too long - I keep thinking of all the good this is doing my gardens. :) It will be nice to have warmer temps and sun - and soon, flowers!!

  5. What a great spring walk!! I just looked outside and we are getting snow :( I don't want anymore snow!! Your pictures are great!