Monday, March 24, 2008



Have a Junk Store Christmas


Six Ideas for Saving with Coupons

Garden Frugality

Cheap, Non-Toxic Dandelion Killer

Household Savings

Break the Paper Habit

Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner: Homemade Cleaners are Good for Your Health, Finances, and Planet

How to Save Water in the Bathroom

Save Money in the Laundry Room: Reduce Laundry Costs with Environmentally Friendly Tips

Kitchen Frugality

Save Money Making Chicken Pot Pie

Three Ways to Save Money on Food

Save Money in the Kitchen: Reduce Kitchen Costs with Twelve Frugal Tips

Personal Hygiene

Break the Shampoo Habit: Try No 'Poo for your Health, your Wallet, and the Environment

Save Electricity

Save Electricity and Water

Save Water

Save Electricity and Water

General Well-Being

Material Safety Data Sheets: How to Find Information About Hazardous Chemicals in Your Home

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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for the links. I had never even heard of the cups.