Thursday, February 28, 2008

so far...

My Mom has been here since Sunday. We have had a very eventful week. On Sunday after church, I drove approximately half-way towards my parent's to meet my Dad and pick up my Mom. When I met her, I gave her this pillow top that I made. It was meant as a Christmas gift but wasn't finished on time. It is made from some of the girls' old jeans.

When we arrived home, she got to choose between these two pincushions that I made. The other will go to a dear lady from church.

On Monday, we made some more potato heads. We planted wheat that Mom brought with her in one and beans in the other (both are sprouting nicely). We also finished the apple head dolls that I had started with the girls last week.

On Tuesday, Mom stayed home with DramaQueen while I took Stinkerbell downtown to Children's Hospital. She had had a UTI and they wanted to run some follow-ups (this is standard procedure around here for any child under the age of four - that way they can catch any kidney malfunctions early on or prevent them altogether). I got lost twice on the way there. The exams are rather traumatic (DramaQueen had them when she was about Stinkerbell's age too). I came home and we turned around and took DQ to school. Stinkerbell is fine. (The preceding statement sounds simple but I must admit is a great relief).

On Wednesday morning, I went to the public school next door to DQ's school (she goes to a Christian school) to discuss DQ's need for speech therapy. DQ's teacher, the speech therapist, and myself are the only one's who know DQ and the speech therapist has only observed her in class twice. Somehow during the discussion, the psychologist on the panel decided she needed to be tested for autism.

Now you have to understand DQ does have some characteristics that are traits that are strong among autistic children. I am not in denial. She is also intelligent and friendly. The freaky thing is that I simply went there to discuss speech therapy and come out with a stranger who has never observed DQ suggesting DQ is autistic which was startling not only to me but also to her teacher and the speech therapist both whom have taught many autistic children. It is a bit strange. I have been doing a lot of thinking and will do a lot more as well as doing some praying.

I talked to the Christian School's on site teacher for special needs and she thought it was strange and quite possibly unnecessary. We decided to postpone any idea of tests until she has a chance to observe DQ in class.

Today has been quieter. There was nothing unusual until this evening. DQ went to a birthday party (She brought her gift in this basket I made) and Mom and I went to book club where we discussed When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. It is a provoking book but easy to read. It is a bit predictable but Martin's skill as a writer makes it worth reading. Our discussion was fun.

Tomorrow afternoon, I help with DQ's class and Mom will stay with Stinkerbell. Tomorrow night Dad shows up and we have a weekend left.

Despite everything, Mom and I have managed a few small projects. :) (Ironically, my Mom didn't come to be a babysitter and helper we were hoping to do loads of crafting. Just the same I am very glad she has been here - this week would have been a lot to handle without her here).


  1. Wow--that is a lot. It is odd about the psychologist. I wonder why. I would pray for wisdom and peace and wait and see. (I worked with autistic kids a lot when working as a special ed teacher.) If those of you who know her don't think she is having issues I would wait and see.

  2. I worry about all the kids being tested for autism all of a sudden. This isn't the first blog I've read where something like this was suggested rather prematurely.

    The crafts are lovely. The pincushion pictures are pretty enough to hang on the wall.

  3. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Beautiful! Just lovely. The cushion especially.

    Ridiculous. You can't diagnose autism from a discussion. I investigated autism a little for my degree and it comes in all shapes and sizes but to suggest this without observation or anything just makes me cross. I don't know, 'professionals' who'd have 'em?


    Sarah x

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  5. Sounds like a good week to have your mom there, love it when God works out things like that, I'm sure the meeting with the speech therapist was upsetting, and at least they're saying they need to observe her more. Your pincushions are lovely, lovely.

  6. You have had a busy week. Your crafts are all lovely and so unique! As you might guess knowing me, I'm always a little leery of any suggestion coming out of the public school setting. I will join you in praying over this situation. Hugs to you!

  7. Beautiful pincushions and that basket must have made your daughter feel like a princess carrying it.

  8. so happy your mom was there with you this week...what a busy one you had, and I would be very leery of the snap judgment made by a public school psychologist who does not even know the child...
    I will pray with you as you continue to determine what course of action to take...

  9. Wow! What a week you had! Very busy.Moms seem to know when we need them even if we don't know we need them. I hope you have a good weekend with your mom and dad!!

  10. Wow. That IS strange.

    I do hope the weekend is filled with fun crafting.

  11. I love the pillow top!