Sunday, February 03, 2008

a miscellany

I noticed this bird's nest on the way to church today

I go through the same intersection every day of the week when I take DramaQueen to school and I never noticed it until today. I had to go back and photograph it.

rosemary on my front step

a may basket that I made

I am very pleased with how this little idea of mine turned out. In fact, I am planning to modify it and turn it over and make a princes hat from this little idea.

a teeny tiny purse (barely four inches across) that I made for my niece

It isn't quite as subtly pretty as the photo makes it look. The colors aren't quite so muted and blended. It is from a book that I will have to find the title for you all, later.

a thank you collage that I made

It didn't turn out quite how I had hoped. It is for Dottie a woman from our church who is a dear and who watches Stinkerbell when I go to DramaQueen's classroom to help out. Stinkerbell adores 'Dobby' as she calls her and makes full use of her cutest wiles to wrap her adopted Grandma around her littlest finger.

DramaQueen has a stomach bug but otherwise, our life is quiet. This is a very good thing.

Love to you all, M


  1. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I hope Drama Queen feels better soon.

    I love the little purse you made, in fact I like all the items you made :)


  2. The basket of flowers must be cheery to look at this time of year.

  3. Did you make it to church on time?

  4. I love your thank you Collage..
    and I hope that Drama Queen is feeling better and the old stomach bug is gone...

  5. I love the picture of the nest and rosemary.The may basket is so pretty as well as the little purse.Great job!!!Hope Drama queen is feeling better!