Thursday, February 07, 2008

lest you think we're skipping valentine's day

or groundhog's day

We made these in December and January - back when my energy was much lower than it is now. I published articles but never got around to sharing with you. In answer to the questions. I am mostly following Heather's advice and listening to my body (which means much more rest than I am used to).

I feel close to one-hundred percent now as long as I get enough rest. During 'certain' times of the month I do feel the achiness so it does respond to hormones but otherwise I am doing well.

We are considering changing our doctor but I don't handle change as well as I would like so I am procrastinating. Thanks to everyone who has prayed. Your prayers, have made a difference.

For those who wonder why we do our crafts so early - remember, I write. I have to publish at least a month and a half in advance of the holiday.


  1. They are adorable.

    Glad things are going better. The resting and not carrying heavy objects is hard for me. The hormone thing always gets me--it is always a surprise, even when I "know".

  2. I would have a lot of trouble changing doctors too. Sometimes, it's easier to go with what you know, than the unknown. I'm sure you have good reasons for wanting to change.

    It is good news that you are feeling more towards 100%.

    I really like the Bunny card. I have always like that "Some Bunny Loves You" saying.

  3. So happy to hear that you are doing so much better. Great advice, listen to your body. I'd never quibble with that. :-)

    Maybe, listen to your gut feeling... about changing doctors? Listen. Do what you know it is telling you?


  4. Glad that you are feeling better.

    Such cute Valentines!

  5. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Gorgeous crafts. All of them in both posts.

    And I am SOOOO glad to read you are feeling much better! It is hard to make ourselves rest for sure...I am one who feels she has to be busy and if I'm not I feel guilty...which I know is silly. So glad you are getting the rest you need.