Monday, February 04, 2008

finished projects

My Mom commissioned six floral wreaths and a crown. Two of the wreaths I sent to her in October or something like that. They were for the birthdays of the two daughters of a woman she works with.

Three of the remaining wreaths were for her neighbor girls and one was for one of my nieces who lives near her. She wanted them by Valentine's day.

The crown was so that the neighbor boy didn't feel left out.

The crown is below. DramaQueen stayed home from school and played quietly. However, she wasn't too weak to smile and try on dress-up items so Mom could take pictures. :)

These are the wreaths I made for Mom's neighbor girls. The aqua/orange/gold one isn't for everyone but somehow, I like it.

This is the one I made for my Mom to give to my niece. I used pearl beads for the flower centers instead of buttons and added a few glass ladybugs.

How to Make a King or Queen Crown

How to Make Floral Hair Wreaths

Oh and in answer to UP's question yesterday. Yes I did make it to church on time. I was very careful about that. ;)


  1. So very, very sweet. We used your flower wreath idea for the girls Halloween costumes--those things have been loved to death. :) I love the crown idea--Issac would love that. Sigh. Means getting out my poor old sewing machine. :)

  2. such cute floral wreaths...little girls of your mom's will just love them!!!
    and I must say Drama Queen looked adorable modeling them for you!!

  3. I *love* the one with aqua- it works, doesn't it?

    These are gorgeous- hubby just walked by and said, "Well, her eyes are amazing!" :) I agree.

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    My girls loved their wreaths!

    Drama Queen is beautiful

  5. Lovely...

    You are so talented.