Monday, October 22, 2007

pumpkin farm

It was a beautiful day.

I love how pumpkin farms use old wagons.

Do you see the pony running in the background?

C wanted me to take this photo of her peeking through the tree.

K and my Mom.

I think my hubby is a good looking man. ;) He is a loving father too.

Both the girls were slightly off this weekend. They had congestion and slight fevers. As you can tell K was tired and needed a snuggle with Dad while we waited for the hay wagon so that we could take a hay ride.

This donkey was very funny. He and his companion were grazing about thirty yards away from me. I knelt down to take a photo of them. As soon as this fellow saw me, he started trotting towards me. I stayed where I was to see what would happened. He slowed down as he neared me and walked up next to me so his shoulder was next to my shoulder and stood there. I maintained my position to see what he would do next.

He waited for a few moments and then impatiently moved closer to me with a bit of a shove. He knew how the game was to be played and now I was supposed to scratch him. I laughingly obliged. Who can resist such a cut persistent critter?

This goat was very funny - I was having problems focusing and so I took three shots of him. I noticed that while I was focusing he would stop chewing his cud and as soon as the shutter clicked he would resume chewing.

I wonder if he was anticipating a flash? The barn the goats were in most of the time is quite dark. I saw many people photographing them and most people let the flash go off. I don't use a flash so at least I didn't dazzle him.

I took photos of this old horse last year. He looked a lot better last year than he did this year. You can see pictures of him from last year's pumpkin farm visit. He is blind in the eye you see here. I watched him walk right into a wall on that side. :(

He is also starting to lose his hair around his eyes and muzzle. I thought it was interesting that the loss of hair revealed what looks like painted on lips. :)


  1. What a fun looking pumpkin farm. I just love all the different shapes and colors of pumpkins.

    That horse looks so friendly.

  2. You sure got some great pictures of your family and everything around you!!

    Thanks for all of your nice comments!!!

  3. Oh, how beautiful!

    My brother-in-law grew pumpkins for my grandchildren.

    I wish I had thought to take a picture of them. One is shaped like Bert and one like Ernie. My grandson noticed this right away.

  4. what a great day you had on the pumpkin farm... you have such a wonderful collection of great shots...
    do you keep all your pictures organized in a book by subject?
    you have such great shots... they would look great along the wall of a hallway!!!
    especially your sunsets!!

  5. Anonymous3:09 AM

    I love seeing all the American postings of pumkin farms. We don't really 'do' pumpkins over here except for Halloween. I must try a recipe one day just to see.

  6. Anonymous3:11 AM

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