Friday, September 28, 2007

tomorrow will be fun

Today was fine...but I am looking forward to tomorrow. If the stars align (I am being silly and will explain), I will be doing a photo shoot tomorrow!! Yeah!! I so love doing them.

I have a friend who has been through a tremendous amount of stuff in the past couple of years. Last fall, she asked if I would take photos of her kids (she has five - I had done something similar many years ago when she had three). We had a blast doing the shoot and she mentioned more than once that she would like to do it again this fall. We have it arranged for tomorrow. S's parents will be there to so I can get some shots of the children with their grandparent's. I hope.

S's life is hectic and never seems to run smoothly so getting together is always a challenge. Even when something is written on the calendar there is at least a fifty percent chance the event will fall through.

I happened to get into my print photos the other day and found this photo. This is me in kindergarten (I am the one in the patchwork skirt). I was one of the homecoming attendants for basketball homecoming that year. I got to carry the Queen's crown on the pillow. Monica carried her flowers. Ricky and Shane held the train of her robe.

We looked through a few pictures and C thinks that the pictures are her if I don't tell her they are me. There is one of me in my early twenties - a profile shot of me blowing bubbles and she was sure it was a photo of her. We do look alike.

I am trying to take photos for Christmas cards and Christmas gifts. These are a few I took of the girls today.

I also took some photos of C wearing a crown that I made for her to give to her best preschool friend's birthday party tomorrow.

There is a tutorial at Suite101.


  1. Your girls are so beautiful, Melissa, and you always capture their personalities so well, too. You and C look a great deal alike. Love that crown! :o)

  2. Your girls have the most beautiful eyelashes!! They are very photogenic young ladies. I especially liked the last one of them - where they're laughing together. When I saw your kindergaren photo, my first thought was that it looked like your daughter. I hope your planned photo shoot tomorrow works out!!

    I enjoyed reading your bit of family history today. I love visiting the Netherlands - you should go if you get the chance. Did you grow up in Pella? I have a friend whose parents moved there after we graduated - I grew up in northern Iowa - went to high school in Riceville.

  3. But you didn't put the picture of you blowing bubbles!!! I went back and looked and read again, trying to find it. Nope, you just mentioned it. Now you are the *cruel* one! -giggles-

    But naturally, all your photos are lovely, even if you teased us about the bubbles one.

    Hope you have a great day today and all works out purrrrfectly. :-)


  4. you take very good pictures... and your girls are beautiful.. your pictures capture that sweet look also...
    hope your photo shoot works out for you.....

  5. Um. Yes.

    You two do look VERY much alike!


  6. Wow, that bottom picture is just ~amazing~...