Wednesday, September 12, 2007

everyday things-part of our entry

I just put this together the week before the in-laws arrived. We needed new floor mats (the old ones would leave huge piles of grey dust behind every time you lifted them). And hubby felt the girls should have pegs to hang things on so I went to Goodwill and bought a peg shelf and spray-painted it. The stool I already had from Goodwill.

You don't want to know about the hole I made in the wall behind this when hanging it. :(

I was going to put something else up for decor on the shelf but I've been rotating children's books and the bright colors and sweet illustrations cheer me so I think I will continue in that mode for awhile.

BTW what color would you say my entry is? (I painted the entry three years ago - the color is not new.)

In answer to Heather's Question the blue book is an Eloise Wilkins and the yellow one on the far right is a collection of Eloise Wilkins. The smallest book is a collection of Margaret Wise Brown stories and the one on the left is Margaret Wise Brown's Home for a Bunny. I can look up the illustrators if anyone is interested.


  1. ooo. My Essie would LOVE this entry. Ours is covered in pegs and coats hanging from them. We have a toy box that once belonged to my mom as a bin for all the shoes and a wall of pockets (door pockets) for all the gloves and whatnot. It gets a bit crowded there. :)

    is that an Eloise Wilkin book? I loved her books as a child and surprisingly enough I find her inspiring my work now though I would rather be inspired by Michael Hague or Earnest Shepperd--sigh, so it goes.

  2. I love the idea of pegs for children to hang their things on! Give them a place, and they will learn to use it.

    Hehhh.... I use a couple of baskets, by the back door, for us to put our shoes in, when we enter. Works for adults too. :-)

    And I love the color of your entry. When I first saw it, I thought it was in the girls' room and I wanted to tell you how super it is. It's super in the entry, as well.


  3. The color looks sort of like a fuchsia to me. Love it! And I'm a big fan of Eloise Wilkins' illustrations too. All of our babies had that sweet high forehead. And the Sleepy Bunny book...we have that one too. But ours isn't in such good condition! :) I'm thinking ours is missing the was my book, but it didn't survive 8 kids very well.

  4. Beautiful. So comforting - I love the idea of children's books adorning the shelf - and some of my favorites, too!

  5. So cool!

    You've inspired me. I think I will adorn my 'new' art space in children's illustrations.

    I was going to go for more of an Anna Corba look, but like you - the children's illustrations speak to my heart!

    I love Eloise Wilkins.

  6. How about Electric Eggplant :)

  7. I love this space - so cheery and functional in a fun way (would that be FUNctional?). The books on the shelf are a great display - and I can see that being a neat space when you're ready to do something else too. I like the color - looks like a cool purple here.

  8. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Lovely things, lol, I made a hole in the living room wall but it wasn't putting shelves up it was getting rather cross with hubby's guitar tuner I broke that too. Hmmm I had to eat humble pie that day!

    I'd say the hall is purple. It's lovely I like strong colours.

  9. such a cozy corner... love it!!