Friday, August 24, 2007

songs and thoughts

for my uncle DK

Your love of Petra has been on my mind a lot lately. So I got out one of my favorite Petra albums. It has been years since I’ve listened to Petra. Talk about a blast from the past. You would have to be completely musically illiterate not to recognize the eighties sound of the album “Beyond Belief” especially during the guitar solos. But what was more impressive to me was the powerful and solid conviction in the lyrics especially Creed and the title song Beyond Belief.

I know it seems strange but I probably understand more about what is going on than you might expect. A few years back my life was really, really, really ugly. In fact, two days ago I was listening to the Newsboys when their song Lord (I Don't Know)came on. I then realized that the lowest point was five years ago this week. I remember because Lord (I Don’t Know) was playing when I left home with C and flew to Florida.

I know this will come as a surprise to a lot of my family especially in an open letter. However, it has passed and is past. Hubby would not appreciate me telling the world. Keep it mum, please. He doesn’t read my blog.

Life is good for me now. In fact, I am deeply at peace with my life. It is a rare occurrence for me. Zoloft helps but more than Zoloft is the grace of God who gave me the ability to accept some of the difficult truths from these songs and the scriptures that inspired them. Peace happened after K was born and then it slid away for awhile. It is here again. That doesn’t mean I don’t worry about finances, it doesn’t mean that the girls don’t leave me bone aching tired and mildly insane by the end of the day, and it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t get aggravated with my hubby.

I guess the point of this ramble is that much of between there and here can be found in the bookends of these two songs.

Love M

Petra: Beyond Belief

We're content to pitch our tent
When the glory's evident
Seldom do we know the glory came and went

Moving can seem dangerous
In this stranger's pilgrimage
Knowing that you can't stand still, you cross the bridge

There's a higher place to go, beyond belief, beyond belief
Where we reach the next plateau, beyond belief, beyond belief
And from faith to faith we grow
Towards the center of the flow
Where He beckons us to go, beyond belief, beyond belief

Leap of faith without a net
Makes us want to hedge our bet
Waters never part until our feet get wet

There's a deeper place to go
Where the road seems hard to hoe
He who has begun this work won't let it go

And it takes so long to see the change
But we look around and it seems so strange

We have come so far but the journey's long
And we once were weak but now we're strong

Newsboys: Lord (I Don’t Know)

You are the author of knowledge
You can redeem what's been done
You hold the present and all that's to come
Until your everlasting kingdom

Lord, I don't know where all this is going
Or how it all works out
Lead me to peace that is past understanding
A peace beyond all doubt

You are the God of tomorrow
Turning the darkness to dawn
Lifting the hopeless with hope to go on
You are the rock of all salvation

Lord, I don't know where all this is going
Or how it all works out
Lead me to peace that is past understanding
A peace beyond all doubt

Oh, Lord, you are the author
Redeeming what's been done
You hold us in the present
And all that is to come

Lord, we don't know where all this is going
Or how it all works out
Lead us to peace that is past understanding
A peace beyond all doubt


  1. I think Petra was a bit before my time, but I did listen to the Newsboys a little bit.

    It is strange how a song can bring back so many memories and feelings as if it were just yesterday...sometimes at least.

    BTW, I took that quiz from your footer, and it scored me as Post Modern, which I might agree with in some ways, but then I read the description for it and it didn't describe me at all (it said I didn't value traditions at all) so then I didn't post it on my blog.

  2. I'm happy for you, that you can write this entry. Happy for your general peace.

    Mine came when Prozac was prescribed for me, in about my 53rd year. For the first time, I had general peace. It was quite lovely. To have a handle on all the things which a chemical imbalance had let bedevil me, for those first 53. Sometimes worse and sometimes better but... I am grateful for Prozac.

    And then, in my 63rd year, I found more peace... by giving permission to myself, this time. Ahhh the wheel of life. Ahhh the turns.

    Hugs my Dear...

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    M. Thank you, I just read this blog. And it meant a lot to me. Sometimes I feel as if no one really understands.