Thursday, August 02, 2007

another update on my Uncle

Latest update on my Uncle P for those who know him or follow his blog My Tippy.

I talked to my Aunt P earlier and she is frustrated. UP is like me (or maybe it is the reverse since he is the older generation) but his base temperature is lower than average and so what seems like a moderate temperature for most people is actually a high temp for him.

She said the hives are awful – they are all over him even on the palms of his hands and in his eyebrows.

She is frustrated and isn’t sure if it wouldn’t be a blessing for him to start running a high fever so that she can take him into the hospital and in the care of a doctor (his regular physician is out of town on vacation for two weeks).

She sent this email just a little while ago.

Just got off the phone with Dr. B for the third time today. P can't get in to the infectious disease doctor until a week from Monday (the 13th) so basically it's no antibiotic and watch for 10 days. I'm not really comfortable doing this. The doctor seems to think since his lungs are clear on xray and he's not running a temp it's nothing to be too concerned about. He still has hives.

Please pray that we'll have wisdom as to what we should do and also that the sputum culture they took yesterday will give the doctors covering for his regular pulmonologist clear direction.



  1. Wow. I have the same weird temperature issue--it runs in my family, as does low blood pressure--meaning that they didn't catch it when it went high for me when I was pregnant. It has caused more than a few issues ith doctors so I can definitely understand. Praying.

  2. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Still praying...